About Us

When Marianna was a child in Ashtarak, Armenia, she dreamed of one day opening her own bakery. When the 2020 global pandemic kept her and her family home-bound, she reconnected to this dream and found herself spending late nights in the kitchen baking.

Marianna first made vegan Ginger Spice tea cakes and it took her straight back to childhood. This led her to dream up new flavors of tea cakes and keto-friendly and gluten-free varieties. Marianna would bake for hours a day, sharing her tea cakes and cookies with loved ones, people in need, and Black Lives Matter activists.

After many requests for more pastries, Marianna founded Valentine Sweets, a plant-based and organic bakery named after her daughter.

Marianna’s hope is that you can savor her tea cakes and cookies and treat yourself to the sweetness of the present moment.

Every batch is crafted from the heart and made with love.

Valentine Sweets is committed to making delicious, thoughtfully sourced, organic, and plant-based tea cakes and cookies. We also provide keto-friendly and gluten-free options because we value each individual’s dietary needs and choices.

We routinely sanitize our vegan kitchen and equipment with non-toxic and earth-friendly cleaning solutions, frequently wash our hands, and do our best to avoid gluten contamination by separating ingredients and cleaning surfaces between uses.

At Valentine Sweets, we truly value your health, the wellbeing of animals, and our planet.